Visiting Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a fine destination for any traveler. Known for it's beautiful beaches, unsurpassed eco-tourism, and rich culture, Costa Rica literally has something for everyone. Costa Ricans, or Ticos as they are commonly known, are excellent hosts and take great pride in sharing their beautiful country with all visitors.

In recent year, tourism has been booming in Costa Rica. Many people are referring to Costa Rica as the Mediterranean of the Americas. Many of the "rich and famous" of the United States and the World, choose Costa Rica as their holiday destination.

We are proud to call our "home" Costa Rica, and encourage our friends and clients to visit this wonderful country.

Don Benigno Plaza Mayor

Cigar hunting in Costa Rica?
Visit our Kiosk in San Jose, Costa Rica

In addition to our full line of Don Benigno Cigars, we also carry a large selection of national and international cigars (guaranteed 100% genuine and kept in prime conditions), as well as lighters, cutters, and other smoking related souvenirs and gifts.

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Don Benigo In Guanacaste's Beach Area

Daily demonstrations and sales are available in two of Costa Rica's best destinations in Guanacaste

Carlos Arronte provides cigar rolling demonstrations and the ability to ask questions about tobacco, cigars, and cigar rolling. Carlos, a son of Benigno, was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba and shares with guests his insight about growing up in the cradle of tobacco.

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